Social Network Login on iOS Made Easy!

Facebook and Twitter integration is getting easier with every system update. iOS 5 brought us native Twitter authentication. With iOS 6, native Facebook authentication support was added; Theoretically making it pretty easy to implement single-tap login and registration in your app. In practice however, especially during the transition phase from iOS 5 to iOS 6, we found that a few small -but annoying- hiccups were getting in the way of this “smooth” process, causing loss of auth tokens here, unnecessary re-authentications there, and frankly making life harder for us.

To solve these problems, we designed a single manager that would handle the whole social network authentication process. It has full Facebook and Twitter support across iOS5 and iOS6, automatically handles reverse-auth token exchange with Twitter and even has multiple account support so the user can pick which account to authenticate with. Without further ado, check out HPSocialNetworkManager on GitHub:

May it serve you as well as it serves us!

Please feel free to improve on it by sending pull requests or opening issues. It will be appreciated.

The Hipo Team